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Kick Down the Door is the story of Detective Baletree after Monica's kidnapping. I am currently working on another novel that takes place at the same time, but follows Abbie and Roland as Monica is Kidnapped. The same events take place at the same time, Monica is kidnapped on the 11th of August, Roland is arrested on the 13th of August, Baletree shoots Chris Pooler on the 18th of September, etc. However, the story follows the grieving parents instead of the detective. The reader learns that Baletree is paying gangsters to help find Monica when Abbie follows Baletree to the gangsters house. The reader learns of Quintin the kidnapper as Roland's secret investigation uncovers Quintin's involvement. This is a fun and quirky way for readers to become more involved with their favourite characters, and you will discover the secrets of countless more mysteries before the sequels are released.

If you'd like to read this title when it's ready, email me at and I'll let you know when the free eBook is available.

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