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Suspenseful. Rich in Ideology and philosophy. Interesting points of view.

Updated: Oct 22, 2021


By Robert R McCammon

When a baby is stolen from a hospital bed by a drug-addicted, murdering anarchist, the baby’s mother is the only person who can save her son. Follow the cross country hunt for the infant that's destined to die young or destined to be the downfall of a criminal that's avoided capture for over a decade. With a kidnapper prepared to destroy to defend an ideology and a mother ready to kill for her child, the confrontations in this novel are explosive.

This blast from the past (first published in 1990) is a glimpse into the mind of a kidnapper as half of the book follows the movements of the villain. Ride a hurricane of misery, rage, and joy as the other half follows the desperate mother. These conflicting points of view create a tension and suspense in the narrative that’s only possible when the reader KNOWS the kidnapper is looking forward to executing their prey. Be warned, when a book is written as well as this one, it’s easy and understandable for the reader to forget the evil past of the criminal.

Mine is a great novel for anyone who loves a complicated bad guy. The kidnapper is clearly a manipulator, an abuser, and a killer, and with all the time the reader spends in her head, you can see how she became such a monster. Have you ever wondered why some killers think it’s an achievement to murder? Or how one woman could leave a mother alone in life without her children? There's one easy and enthralling way to get the answers: just read Mine.

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