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Savage. Serial murders. Small town rage.

Updated: Oct 22, 2021


By Karin Slaughter

A quaint little town is horrified to find a local woman tortured to death in one of the favourite restaurants. With the victim’s close family in the police force and friends all over town, it seems the killer has targeted the wrong girl. As the authorities are convinced they’re getting closer, and the case is soon to be solved, a new victim is crucified and the confusion starts all over again. Will the detective turned vigilante find the killer first? Or will it be the paediatrician and coroner who’s just a little too close to the killings? One of these tenacious women is going to be very, very close to the killer sooner than they know.

Right from the very first chapter, you’re certain the crimes are going to be solved by a civilian. There are just too many people that have been damaged by the first killing to let the murderer escape. The real fun in this thriller is watching the different factions circling the invisible monster, getting closer and closer in a race to uncover the killer’s identity. Unfortunately for everyone involved, the killer will not stop the rampage, no matter how close the authorities get.

Slaughter’s writing is descriptive and clear, with violence that is so precise it’ll have you dreaming of the words long after you’ve closed the book. Be warned, this is a savage read, so don’t dive into it unless you like a little blood.

See it on Goodreads here.

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