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By Sarah Barrie

Lexi Winter hunts paedophiles when she’s not working as a prostitute in the rooms above a feral Sydney watering hole. Sex work Is legal in Australia, but the unpredictable nature of Lexi’s job still binds her lifestyle to the police force. She often points her friendly neighbourhood coppers toward a child abuser, but they’re not always still breathing, and Lexi is a perpetual suspect in one crime or another. When this vigilante decides to help another murderer, the plot of this thriller is woven into a dragnet of danger that traps kids, cops, and anyone else close to Lexi.

Sarah Barrie has created such a deep back-story to this novel that I’m convinced it’s a part of a series. I can’t find the name of the first title, but Barrie’s description of a crime solved 18 years before this book is too thorough to be created for Unforgiven. The narrative cleverly assumes the reader knows the story of a famous fictitious crime spree as if we’d read about it in the news. This immense history behind the novel makes the reader feel like they’ve arrived halfway through the story, and we’re always trying to uncover the tiny details that made this old crime so devastating. What a fun way to discover this writer! Sarah Barrie writes a strong, forceful Australian thriller, and I can’t wait to see what she gives us next.

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Coming World Down Syndrome Day 2022.

A grieving parent forced to kidnap the child in her employer's care, but who is Harrison's REAL mother?

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