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Kidnappings and a vigilante. Warrior survivor. Multiple narratives.

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Find Her

By Lisa Gardner

Flora has already fought her way through one abduction. She spent 472 days locked in a replica coffin while she taught herself to appease her captor and rummage through garbage for make-shift weapons. Flora escaped, and she's free until another predator sinks his talons into her. Flora, the survivor, wakes to find herself imprisoned in a new killer's garage. Maybe there's a reason she's been taken more than once. Maybe she sends out signals that draw in the worst kind of men. The reason for her second abduction is redundant as Flora recognises her attacker from the news. She realises this man has more women in his possession. Flora, the survivor, might be the only hope for the other missing girls.

The premise of this novel, a woman being abducted for a second time, seems simple, but Gardner does a masterful job of weaving additional narratives through the story. Not only must Flora escape a new abduction, but her memories of the first time she was taken are sprinkled through the book in wonderful feature chapters that test the reader's admiration. As you struggle to decide whether or not to love Flora, this incredibly powerful protagonist becomes a person of interest in another series of crimes. The detective's point of view only adds more suspense to the already thrilling read, and the twists that wind this book into an instant favourite will have you reading for hours and hours past your bedtime. This is the 11th instalment of the Detective D.D. Warren series and I'm glad I still have another 5 to read.

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A grieving parent forced to kidnap the child in her employer's care, but who is Harrison's REAL mother?

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