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Eerie. Suspenseful. Savage.

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Gone, Baby, Gone

By Dennis Lehane

When four-year-old Amanda disappears, a host of criminals are blamed and investigated without direct evidence. No one can be certain if the innocent child has been lost to a neglectful family, a ring of paedophiles, or a drug dealer’s revenge. With far more questions rising with every new, unsavoury suspect, it seems the more Amanda is investigated, the harder it will be to find her. There are just too many possibilities. How can so many people be potentially responsible for the torment of one lovely little girl? Eventually, the knot of deceit is drawn so tight that even Amanda’s memory is hard to find. Boston forgets, but two private detectives are still haunted by Amanda’s vanishing. Patrick and Angela cannot ignore the fact that whoever organised this perfect crime is still free, still watching the children of Boston.

This novel is the fourth in the Kenzie and Gennaro series that follows a boyfriend-girlfriend partnership of Boston private detectives. I discovered this book because I LOVE the movie of the same name (and everything else I’ve ever read by Lehane). Although I haven’t read the series in order, I’m finding this novel very easy to follow. However, the characters discuss several moments of past cases that must be spoiling the twists in earlier books. Luckily, Lehane is such a phenomenal writer that any reader can appreciate his work and enjoy the stories he tells that even if the reader has already discovered the endings.

If you don’t like reading books out of order in a series, just give me a few months to devour the others :) I’ll post a full series review later.

See it on Goodreads here.

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