Another Little Soldier

I have a Story to Tell you, and You’re not Going to Believe It……….



“I repent. I’m so sorry for all of the destructive things I have so gluttonously enjoyed and I’m so sorry I have to end my life.

I deserve to die, I know, but this past week has been the most pleasurable time of my vicious existence.

My desire to survive and embrace all the lovely intricacies of our planet has never been greater than it was in the last seven days,

but I killed those people and if you’re reading this, I’ve already killed myself.”

-David Edison, deceased.

David Edison is not a good man. He’s a spy, an assassin, a saboteur and a masochistic psychopath,

and they’ve finally asked him to do something that his conscience might not be able to bear.

The only way he could reveal his terrible secret to the world was to publish a digital account of the last week of his life.

“Another Little Soldier,” is that account, and David is begging you to believe him.


“Sit down boy-o; I have something to tell you.”

-Saoirse Mac Caba, David Edison’s superior officer.